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How To Create A Simple Template With A User Form


For some time we have considered writing a simple tutorial on how to make a simple template which contains a user form. The reason for our wishing to do this is that we see so much bad code out in the workplace that we realise that the people who create the templates perhaps require a helping hand.

The problem is that there is no real information on how to do this properly. It is something which has to be learned or shown by other people. Therefore, we are putting forward this document as a Best Practice for template development.

The other problem with getting information on the internet on constructing a template with a user form is that a lot of the data is simply plain wrong and it teaches people wrong and bad habits..

Looking at some of the pages on the Word MVP site, for example, fills us with horror. The page, for example, which describes how to create a User Form (i.e. dialog box) in Word is filled with bad programming practices which, frankly, has us somewhat taken aback as how this could be placed on a MVP site. MVPs, after all, should know better.

In this example we will create a simple template for a memorandum document.

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