Dragon Drop - A farewell

In the next week or so the website of dragondrop.com will vanish. The domain will still exist but the visible aspect of dragondrop.com will vanish from the web.

There are a few reasons for this. The first is that I am planning to spend my remaining time before I retire from 'doing stuff' concentrating on UK Horse Racing. The only development I will be doing which involves others will be racing based.

I plan on running UK Horse Racing until the end of 2019 when, if I haven't sold it off before then, I will be handing it over to a group of selected members and I will be continuing only as a member.

I will be doing some development work for myself; mostly for the forex and the stock markets. There will be some development for other personal projects which I need not get into here.

However, I have decided to stop development of Microsoft products and will no longer be writing free applications and add on modules for Office. This is, quite simply, down to the fact that I am sick to death of Microsoft and I wish no longer to worry about developing with and for Microsoft products.

The reason being is simple; back around the turn of the century Microsoft had some great products and tools. And then in a series of bizarre decisions have gone away from a solid operating system to something that looks like it was developed by Fisher Price (meaning no offence to a great toy making company). Windows XP was the best of their operating systems and since then they've taken the My Little Pony approach and decided that every one of their users was an idiot and needed big garish buttons and operating systems which, quite frankly, were getting shittier and shittier by the release.

Windows 7 could have been their best ever release but the new faults outweighed the improvements. And it's so bloody slow. If I run the horse racing ratings on a fast Windows 7 machine ('fast' meaning fast hardware) then a daily run of the ratings takes three times as long on a Windows 7 machine than it does on XP.

The Microsoft development tools. Well, .Net is great in principle but it makes for dreadfully bloated code. I wouldn't know where to start with the latest version of .Net to make a simple "Hello, world/n." application. Visual Studio 6 was a great development environment and even though there are billions of lines of code out there running live the latest version of the operating systems don't support it.

I have decided that because Microsoft have dropped the ball and that whilst they concentrate on ridiculous things such as movie studios and to think that, for example, Skype on the desktop should be a social media tool for the vacant of mind and to ignore the developing world who don't wish to use an Etch-a-Sketch operating system I have decided to say 'sod it'.

So in the next few days this site will vanish. And if you can't read this message then at least you will know why.

1st February, 2015

Contact: malcolm.smith@dragondrop.com